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QN: Can the ObjectLock system be embedded into commercial applications ?
Answer: Yes. The technology is available for licensing commercially.

QN: Does the ObjectLock system work across different platforms ?
Answer: Yes. The technology is available on Windows and Linux. The Windows version uses MinGW and MSYS to build and run, but can be built into a seperate DLL for linking with Visual Studio. On Linux, it integrates with the GCC/G++ development environment.

QN: Can a library be purchased with source code ?
Answer: Generally, the libraries can be made available on Windows in an archive (.lib) or a shared dynamic link library (.dll) and on Linux in an archive (.a) or shared object (.so); however, we may also make the libraries available in source code provided the approperiate licensing agreement is in place. For source code release, the recipient must not compete with rdoss.com and must not disclose the work provided.

QN: How much does a library license cost?
Answer: The binary license for each library is 10K USD for commercial enterprise use for one year. For ObjectLock, source code licenses, and support contracts please contact us.

QN: What are your qualifications as a software developer?
Answer: rdoss.com is owned by Dr. Roger G. Doss, PhD. Dr. Doss has developed software in C, C++, and Java for Fortune 500 and Blue Chip companies over the course of 15 years. For complete resume please contact us.

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