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At rdoss.com, we provide technology related to systems development, as well as cryptography and security. We started in 1998 by developing an arbitrary precision integer library in C++ that can be used as a drop in replacement for the built-in C++ integer type. The library facilitated the development of an RSA engine and was later improved to provide an aribtrary precision floating point C++ class replacing the built-in double type. Through the years, we have developed libraries that provide low-level system functionality such as a block memory allocator and heart beat class.

In 2007, we started the development of a C++ based digital rights management solution known as ObjectLock. The tool is our core focus and provides developers with the ability to digitally sign executables on Windows or Linux. The executables are signed with an X.509 like certificate which can provide instructions on where the code should run using the computer's network interface MAC address. Additionally, the number of concurrent instances can be limited to a fixed amount. The user may specify how long the certificate is good for allowing the application code to run for within a specified date range. The solution is written in C++ and the lock source code is generated allowing the user the ability to customize the lock's strength. On Windows, the code can be built into a DLL or an EXE file depending on need. On Linux, the code can be built into a shared object or an executable. Locks from this solution are specific to the instance of the application code being delivered to the end-user on a per user basis.

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