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About Us

rdoss.com is a software developer with PhD and over 15 years of experience. We develop system technology for use with Windows, Linux, and UNIX. Technology is available in binary form or with source code for easy porting and integration with existing systems. Featured on this site are the Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for these systems as well as example usages. You will find our technology is well designed and expertly implemented. Additionally, we may host free (under GPL) technology for use. We are also available for work on custom projects and to provide expert level software engineering.

We develop strategic software libraries and utilities. Currently, we provide a data structures library, a TCP/UDP client server library, a log file library, a fault tolerance library, and a memory allocation library. The libraries are available for commercial use in binary or source code form.

Additionally, we have contributed to the open source movement and provided several projects freely under the GNU Public Licence (GPL). These projects include a HTTP web server developed in C++ and an implementation of Radix sort for general sorting.

For pricing information, custom quotes, and questions you may contact us directly by sending an email to: SALES

Alternatively, you may use our Contact US FORM

Or write to:

P.O. Box 842
Edison, NJ 08818-0842

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