Courses taken at Northcentral University in 2006 - 2011 leading to the PhD degree:
MGT5031 History of Management Theory
MGT5028 Business Statistics
MGT5000 Business Organization and Management
MGT5005 Management Finance and Control
MGT5002 Marketing Management

CS5002  C++ Programming
CS5003  Computer Graphics
CS5013  Programming Languages
MIS5005 Local Area Networks (LAN)
CS5005  Database Management (Taken at NJIT)
CS5012  Operating Systems   (Taken at NJIT)

RSH8961-B   Research Topic, Problem, Purpose and Questions
RSH9102B    Research Methods and Design
RSH9103QNB  Quantitative Methods
RSH9104B    Concept Paper
CMP9200B    Doctoral Comprehensive Examination
DIS9321B    Doctoral Dissertation Research I
DIS9322B    Doctoral Dissertation Research II
DIS9323B    Doctoral Dissertation Research III 
            (Completed with successful Dissertation Defense)

Total of 57 credits beyond the Masters.

Additionally, 24 credits beyond the Masters were taken at NJIT in 2001-2003.
These were in Algorithmic Graph Theory, Advanced Algorithms,
Computational Complexity Theory, Scheduling Theory, Computer Networks,
Middleware, Data Mining, and Independent Research. Computer Science
Comprehensive Examination was taken in 2003.